Thank you for visiting our web site regarding your pet care needs.
I am retiring from the pet sitting industry effective August 1, 2015.


caroline-presidentIn order to locate a pet sitter to accommodate your pet care needs, I recommend:

  1. Visit, the web site for Pet Sitters International (PSI).
  2. Click on Locate a Sitter.
  3. Scroll down and enter your zip code – a list of pet sitters will populate for you to contact. Not all pet sitters cover entire zip codes, or all types of pets. You need to determine if they cover your specific area and type of pets.
  4. Be sure to verify they are bonded, insured and licensed (if required). A Hillsborough county business tax license is required to operate a business within the county. Feel free to ask for a current copy of their proof of coverage and license.

I recommend you peruse the PSI web site for insight on establishing a good working relationship with your new pet care provider.

Caroline Drake